Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buffy Retrospective: "Angel"

Young and Handsome Forever

"Angel" does a lot of work in establishing some of the vampire mythology that is unique to Buffy. We learn that in the Buffyverse, when someone is turned into a vampire, the demon takes the body, but doesn't get the soul. Angel explains that the restoration of his soul is what distinguishes him from other vampires. This episode also establishes the connection between Darla and Angel, which is explored further in subsequent episodes despite Darla's dusting.

The obvious complications inherent in the Slayer falling in love with a vampire of course mean that there's no way Buffy and Angel will actually be able to "walk away from this" as they resolve to do at the end of the episode. As we all now know, Buffy and Angel's relationship is the epic love story of the series. It's also one of the main reasons I became hooked on the show, since, as I mentioned in my introduction, I watched "Becoming" on a loop the whole summer after it aired.

The obvious disadvantage of having characters who don't age is that the actors who play them do have a tendency to change in appearance. We encounter the same problem with Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequent films. Contrast Angel in Season 2 of Buffy to Angel in Season 5 of Angel.Angel still handsome, but less young
Source: ChosenTwo
Still handsome, of course, but obviously a few years older.

Favourite Quote: "This is exactly what happens when you sign these free trade agreements!" -Cordelia (This episode isn't big on laughs, but Cordelia's sighting of a classmate wearing a knock of of her one-of-a-kind Todd Oldham is vintage Cordy.)

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