Saturday, April 21, 2007

Degrassi: Parliament Hill

In an article at, Aaron Wherry brings together three of my favourite things: politics, making fun of Stephen Harper, and old school Degrassi (with special reference made to my favourite character, Caitlin Ryan).

P.S. What the hell happened to the Maclean's webiste? It looks like shit, just like the magazine started to last year.

Friday, April 20, 2007


This is the best opener to The Hour I've seen.

I saw it when it re-aired on Easter Monday when all the references to the day of the week were edited out. As a result, Debbie Travis' response was completely altered, and I think the re-cut was funnier. She said she couldn't make it because was renovating her kitchen and had run into trouble with a horrible contractor: "Some guy named Mike Holmes."

I loved seeing Seamus, Carol and Evan. They are my morning news show friends. Mansbridge's desk is more cluttered than I would have imagined it (assuming that's his actual desk). He seems like a rather tidy man. I like his little wall-mounted TV.

I'm a geek.