Saturday, January 17, 2009

Buffy Retrospective: "Teacher's Pet"

Demon Magnet

Xander's involvement with Miss French marks the beginning of his habit of being attracted to women who aren't quite human, which was always amusing. As far as Miss French is concerned, who can blame the guy? Giles said it best: "She's a common, extremely well-proportioned way."

Better With Age

The transition effect sort of sucks when the well-proportioned Miss French takes on her mantis form. As time went on, the CGI on the show improved significantly, probably due to a combination of bigger budgets and technological advancements.

The final shot in this episode is of some mantis eggs tucked away and hatching in Dr. Gregory's closet. Happily, the writers eventually dropped the rather lame "dun dun dun" endings like this one. This is another example of where the show was still finding a healthy balance of camp.

Random Observation: Some might say Willow's plaid pants should be on the list of wardrobe mistakes, but as someone who wore plaid pants in high school, I have a soft spot for them.

Sunnydale High Faculty Death Count: 1 (Dr. Gregory)

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