Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buffy Retrospective: "The Pack"

Herbert the RazorbackThis is an episode that I admittedly have not watched more than a couple of times, mainly because I wasn't allowed to watch the show until Season 2, and because it was not one of the six episodes included in the Season 1 VHS box set I subsequently acquired. Also, I don't like Xander when he's a meany, especially when he's being mean to Willow (when they are mean together in "Dopplegangland" is a whole other story, though). The episode does have a few things going for it: Herbert the Razorback piglet is adorable. Poor little guy left us too early, as did Principal Flutie (Ken Lerner), but his departure makes way for the delightful Armin Shimerman as Principal Snyder. Also, I love the gym teacher, Coach Herrold, from his over-simplified explanation of the rules of dodgeball ("You dodge.") to his reaction to the cut-throat behaviour of Xander and his new friends ("God this game is brutal. I love it.")

Sunnydale High Facutly Death Count:2 (Principal Flutie)

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