Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rachel Giese is always right

Have I mentioned before that I love Rachel Giese? She's one of the top arts reporters for and her commentary is always on the money. She has a tendency to take the words out of my mouth, make them more elloquent and get paid to write them down. You've probably also seen her on various specials on Muchmoremusic. Not only does she know her stuff, she calls people on their crap, and she's laying it out this week in the feature article "Funny That Way: Blades of Glory and Hollywood's homophobic impulse".

I haven't seen Blades of Glory nor Wild Hogs, but a lot of what Giese writes about is obvious just in the trailers for these films (Will Ferrell holding up John Heder by the crotch; the four men spooning in the woods). Giese makes a very legitimate observation in stating:

It’s harder to take as much offence at Blades of Glory. Ferrell’s portrayal of testosterone-charged Chazz is so broad, it’s far more of a send-up of hetero posturing than a sneer at homosexuality. Still, that subtle distinction will probably be lost on most multiplex audiences. [...] I don’t think the rest of the audience was laughing at gay anxiety, but rather because of it.

I feel as though comedians like Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen are probably smart enough to be actually poking fun at society's anxiety with male homosexuality, but it is almost certainly lost to the under 25 straight male demographic which forms a good portion of their audience in films like Blades of Glory and Talladega Nights.

Brian Juergens finds the positive in Blades in his review, but the way he describes the portrayal Coach and Jesse makes it seem like they're more of a *winkwink*nudgenudge* to those in the audience who perceive the gay anxiety as humourous, but who knows, maybe it'll go in under the radar of those uncomfortable straight guys.

Giese is right in stating that gay men, specifically, "are one of the last remaining minority groups that can be mocked with impunity." Lesbians, in the rare occasions they appear in film, tend to be fetishized rather than mocked. Is it better to be exploited than laughed at? Perhaps not, but there is undeniably a difference in treatment.

For tons o' commentary on GLB people in entertainment and the media, check out AfterEllen and AfterElton.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vote Now

The polls are now open in the DSU General Election. You have until 6:00pm on Thursday, March 22 to cast your votes.

To do so, visit or find a member of the DSU Vote Team (they're all in white t-shirts) who will be all over campus during these three days carrying around Treos on which you can vote.

If you would like information on the candidates and referendum questions, there isn't much campaign information still available due to campaign regulations, but you can still pick up a copy of this week's Gazette or read it online, visit the blogs of a few non-candidates, and read candidate profiles and watch their videos on the DSU Elections website.

The results will be announced at the Election Results Party at the Grawood Thursday at 8:00pm.

Now, go vote!