Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin likely to need a life line in VP debate tonight

Tina Fey has nailed her impression of Sarah Palin yet again. What is most striking about this skit is that there are many portions that the folks at SNL didn't even have to write. It's almost a verbatim transcript of the interview at times, particularly her response to the bailout question. While it is terrifying how well-liked Palin seems to be, she is fascinating in her sheer inability to make any coherent sense. She repeatedly failed to answer Couric's questions without being asked three times, and she claimed to have read "all of them" when Couric asked her what newspapers and magazines she read to stay informed and understand the world in advance of being put on the ticket, and yet she refused to name even one news source and just started talking about Alaska. I hope someone counts the number of times she says "Alaska" in the debate tonight.

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