Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Road to the Oscars Begins

The 2007 Golden Globe nominations were announced today. I am so behind on my movie watching. I've hardly been to the theatre all semester. I've been wanting to see most of the nominees, so hopefully some will be out on DVD in time for me to make some predictions. Currently, the only nominee I've seen is Little Miss Sunshine. A good portion of my time from here on in will be spent catching up on everything I haven't seen.

As for the TV categories, I'm never up-to-date on the nominees because I don't watch as much TV as I once did and the shows I do watch are rarely nominated, so my predictions consists mainly of guesses based on what I've heard from various sources.

Some initial comments:

With two best actor nods, Leonardo DiCaprio, as predicted by some, is truly on the way to becoming the actor of his generation. Scorcese clearly knows how to pick 'em.

How funny would it be if Borat beat out Dreamgirls?! A testament to why I will never understand the justification for lumping comedies and musicals.

Mr. Jolie's nomination means Angelina will likely be making an appearance at the Globes this year.

Helen Mirren is nominated for playing both Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II in the same year.

It appears Eastwood and Scorcese will be facing off again this year as they did in 2005. I'm curious to see who will come out on top this year. I find it odd that neither of Eastwood's films are nominated for best picture, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything for the director category.

Before I get into some serious viewing time, I have one more exam left to write. I will have more extensive comments in the coming weeks.

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