Thursday, October 05, 2006

At attempt at efficient blogging

Being long-winded results in my not having time to blog, so I'm going to attempt to make brief comments about a few things at once. We'll see how that goes.

Out of province students no longer have to adjust to Nova Scotia stores being closed on Sunday or any holiday (other than Remembrance Day) for that matter. I'm not surprised at this. I knew it would happen eventually. However, you won't catch me in the grocery store on Sunday. I made that mistake in the summer when Superstore and Sobey's started opening on Sunday, and I will never do it again. Firstly, we went to Superstore, which we normally don't do (I'm a Sobey's fan and always will be) because we had one of their dispoable cameras to develop. First off, the photo lab wasn't open. Then they didn't have any of the strawberries which were on sale. Half the store was closed, so we couldn't get some of the things we needed, and I saw a mouse run across one of the aisles. Clearly, God was sending me a message that either Superstore is dirty and I should stick with Sobey's, or shopping on Sunday is not for me. I'm abiding by both.

Canadian Senators want a raise. The general public doesn't know what the hell the Senate does other than spend money and not spend time in the Senate. Not helping their case is Senator Marie-Paule Poulin who is taking her law degree full-time. "Well, you know, it's that some people go to the gym, but I go to the university to get the little gray cells in shape," said Poulin (CTV News). Speaking as a full-time law student, I spend 22.5 hours/week in the classroom. No average fitness buff spends this much time in a gym each week. As far as analogies go, this is a shit-tastic one.

Another reason to hate Stephen Harper. According to CTV, "Hockey fans are wondering if Prime Minister Stephen Harper unwittingly outed himself as a closet Toronto Maple Leafs fan with his reaction to the team's lone goal Wednesday night." Even if he isn't a fan himself, he lets his son wear a Leafs jersey. Shame!

Stephen Harper loves pussy cats. I saw this on the PM's website and find it amusing, so I thought I'd share.
I will accept witty comments on what you all think Harper might be reading to the kitties

Rona Ambrose is as dumb as a post. At least she has her looks to fall back on. Apparently, climate change is not a top priority of Environment Canada because "Canadians are concerned about growing rates of asthma and cancer from environmental sources" (Ambrose on 05 Oct 2006). I'm of the opinion that not all political decisions should be made on the basis of public opinion. I have a tendency to not place a lot of faith in public opinion, especially on issues like the environment, because I think it's often uninformed and short-sighted. When an issue is particularly complicated, as climate change is, greater weight should be placed on the opinions of experts rather than the typical overweight smoker who drives an SUV and is worried (s)he might get cancer from the environment. The Conservatives have yet to reveal their Clean Air Act. If the environment is of any priority to the government, shouldn't they have had that ready during the election?

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