Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You're not right for my record collection, Supernova

This may or may not come as a shock, but I have been a fairly avid viewer of Rock Star: Supernova this summer, and I have some thoughts on the occasion of the finale and announcement of the winner.

This girl should have won. I have thought so since I first watched the show early in the summer, and I am enraged that Tommy, Gilby and Jason picked this guy:

I was so sure Dilana would win and liked her so much, I decided I would go so far as to actually buy Supernova's album. Not anymore. While I liked Lukas at first, I have determined over the last number of weeks that I could not possibly listen to him for more than five minutes at a time regardless of the fact that he's Canadian.

In fact, his nationality is the only reason I'm not completely fed up with the result. This makes Canada two for two on Rock Star. Is Canada the rock capital of the world? Probably not, but Lukas' win does once again draw attention to one of the best things about Rock Star - it's an international competition. Neither INXS nor Supernova limited their search to a particular country, and rightly so, particularly from a marketing perspective. Once the show has aired with contestants from the US (a couple of whom were born outside the country), Canada, Australia, Iceland, and wherever else, the band has a ready made audience around the world ready to buy tickets - further proof that Mark Burnett is a marketing genius. I just don't happen to be a member of that particular audience.

With that, I move on to tomorrow's premiere of Survivor: Cook Islands and all the controversy (again, marketing genius) and entertainment that brings with it.

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