Saturday, September 16, 2006

Metric, Halifax Forum, 15 September 2006

I bought Jenn tickets to Metric for her birthday, so we saw the show last night at the Forum. We arrived prior to the doors opening and felt like the oldest people there. I couldn't get over the number of kids there. Most of them looked about 15 based on the braces and a number of parental units acting as chaperones. When I was 15, kids did not have funky haircuts like today's 15 year olds. I felt uncool and preppy in my American Eagle shirt. I was consoled a while later when the "older" people started to arrive and I saw a few of my classmates.

Initially, we tried to get near the stage, but this didn't last long. Even before the opening act came on, people were being stupid. Then once the music started, it became ridiculous so we shoved our way out of the crowd and realized we have passed the age where one still puts up with the idiots in an effort to get a good look at the band. The opening act, who's name I wasn't able to catch, were pretty good - reminded me a bit of Jet.

Metric hit the stage shortly after 10 and played a mere 50 minutes before a three-song encore. They put on a good show, but spoke very little, which made the show seem even shorter. I tend to rate a live performance on whether a singer sounds the way they do on their album, so in that regard Emily Haines is great, and as Jenn said, "She bangs a good head." We ended up standing pretty far back having escaped the 16 year old moshers (apparently people still mosh...I was unaware), so we didn't get a good look and Jenn had some trouble seeing, but we were still able to enjoy the music. I'd like to see them again in a better venue.

Next concert: Sarah Harmer, September 23, Rebecca Cohn Auditorium (when everyone else will be at the Stones concert)

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