Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blockbuster Canada: Part III

After a month, the customer service representative from Blockbuster Canada who had replied to my initial inquiry did not respond to my follow-up e-mail, so I sent it to the main customer service address again and received a response 2 days later. It reads:

Greetings Ms. Buchanan,

Thank you for taking the time to contact our customer service department and express your concerns over some of the Canadian films we carry. Your letter specifically mentions “The Red Violin" and "The Barbarian Invasions" as movies that appeared in our Foreign Film category. I have personally spoken directly with the store managers at the stores you referenced in Ottawa and Halifax to ensure that those movies are immediately removed from the Foreign film category. I can assure you that our direction from Home Office is to never merchandise Canadian movies in our Foreign section, so we appreciate this feedback.

Movies from all over the world, works of both fiction and documentaries are becoming increasing popular in our stores. Now, as then, we are try to offer our clients a wide variety of movies to chose from. It is our goal to be a responsible retailer while not making entertainment choices for our customers. At the present time, we are very proud of the resoundingly positive feedback we are receiving from customers across the country with our new Canadian Festival Collection. This section can be found in our stores across Canada and features some of the best new homegrown films - exclusive to Blockbuster. For more information on these wonderful Canadian titles, please visit us on the web at

Once again, we appreciate your thoughts and we thank you for communicating them.

Customer Service
Blockbuster Canada

I'm glad someone finally said that store managers are directed to never stock Canadian films in the Foreign section. I'll be curious to see the next time I'm at the Quinpool branch if they've actually moved The Barbarian Invasions. Mostly, I'm impressed that I got a response since I've never actually made an inquiry like this to a company before.

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