Saturday, April 15, 2006


I have decided to succumb and begin to use my five year-old Blogger account on this site. The days of manual archiving are gone. My embrace of Blogger will also serve as a marker for a new and (hopefully) improved version of my slow-to-evolve web presence, which I hope to speed up over the coming months.

"What can we expect?" you ask. Well, here is a short list of items I already have planned:
  • the continuation of my investigation into the shelving policies of Blockbuster "Canada"

  • a style sheet? maybe

  • a rant about wal-mart that I wrote a while back, but have not posted

  • hosting of my photos on an outside site, so I don't have to spend time lining them all up with tables (in spite of how much I love tables)

  • the proper use of capital letters (if you hadn't noticed already)

  • more frequent posting? maybe
Now, I really need to finish writing my Jane Austen paper. It's been going rather well this afternoon.

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