Friday, April 14, 2006

Am I Ever Going to Actually Use Blogger?

As evidenced in my profile, I have had a Blogger account since December 2000. That was over five years ago, and I have never actually made much use of it. I preferred to create my own pages and update everything by hand, which was sort of fun. I had an account at during high school. Then that site disappeared without warning, so I currently have a page at, which I rarely update, but overall have put quite a bit of time into. If I do decide to make use of this account, I plan to keep that account open and use it for supplemental materials beyond the scope of Blogger.

Even if I don't use this particular blog, which would be a personal one with no set topics for discussion, I do have plans for another. I would like to have a blog wherein I and a select group of my arts-inclined friends would comment on anything artsy, mainly film, television, books, and music. Look for the early stages of this in the coming weeks after I finish my school work.

In the meantime, I am trying to finish my BA (I won't actually consider myself a first-year law student, as it states above, until I graduate in May; I just couldn't think of a better description). The end is drawing near. Right now, I am writing my term paper for my Jane Austen seminar. I also have to do some revisions of my Honours thesis, and study for two exams that I have on Friday and Saturday of next week. I should get on that...

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